Selling Your Baltimore House When Going Through A Divorce

Life Goes On

Divorce is hard, there’s no question about it. Not only has your marriage ended and most likely, your lifestyle is undergoing some drastic changes also. This is especially true if you are forced to leave the place that was home to you and your family. 


Depending on your particular situation, you may find that moving into an apartment is your only option. Many times it’s hard to think of an apartment as home after you’ve been accustomed to living in a house surrounded by family. But, if you choose your apartment wisely, you may find it’ll become a cozy, comfortable haven. 

1. Take some time to select The Party to Work with 

Remember, this is going to be a tough decision. Don’t rush the selection process. Decide how much you want to be involved in the process. Ease of transaction should be one of your prime considerations. Your life is complicated enough right now, don’t make it worse by choosing an inconsiderate party where communication becomes a problem. 

2. Start looking for new homes as soon as possible

If your children will be visiting regularly be sure your looking as soon as possible to let them feel at home. If possible, select an home with a room just for them. Let them have a hand in decorating it so they’ll feel a part of it. If you have joint custody of the children and they will be living with you while attending school, you’ll also want to choose an home that is convenient to their schools and recreation areas. 

3. sell/Spit the possessions ahead of closing

The Divorce is already going to be hard to get through. Often items acquired during a marriage can be emotional as well. Once you have decided to sell and the process is moving forward, the last thing you want to hold the process up is splitting possessions, get this out of the way fast. We suggest a list so each person knows who takes what and the moving day is as smooth as possible. 

4. Keep a record of everything
You also need to consider the split of proceeds and this make be the most important thing. Make sure to have everything in writing. If attorneys are involved, a prenuptial or other documents, make sure those items have been submitted to parties in need (attorney, closing agent/title company). It is always best to have everything written to keep things amicable in your divorce. 

Who Is Your Ideal Buyer?
Is it possible for you to agree with your ex and put it on the market together? Do you believe that you will be able to stay civil and work together for an extended period of time to find a buyer willing to pay the price you need? If so, and if you have the time to wait and find out, the best option may be to consider listing your Baltimore house. Is the divorce so severe that your best hopes of finding a buyer and moving on would actually be an investor, with the means to buy the property quickly? Many investors, such as the team at KDD Development, thrive on closing quickly, and helping owners move on from their Baltimore home.

Selling your Baltimore property while going through divorce can be stressful. The divorce alone can be expensive and you can be held liable for any injuries that occur from someone entering a empty property. If you are not able to make the situation work beneficially, it might be time to sell your Divorce house quickly. You don’t even have to hire an agent. Learn more about selling your house as-is, so can split amicably once and for all!

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